Right Eye

by Delivery Driver



it's very hard to record all the songs i have in my head around my busy work+show+leisure schedule. this song was made for the August 2016 Sweet Pizza Records compilation ( sweetpizzarecords.bandcamp.com/album/tristan-biscuits )
my debut full album will be called "drive like your kids live here" and i am not sure at all when i will have it finished but i am very excited to share all the songs from it. i think it will include a bunch of alex g covers as bonus tracks too. thanks a lot to everyone who has ever liked my music, and thanks to the sweet pizza boys for releasing this song

the album art is a drawing i made during class, this song was recorded in my bedroom in windsor, maine with a few different microphones


my right eye hasn't stopped twitching for months
i get so upset i'll run right into that tree with a face or even my own house

drive an hour there, an hour back
for sixty (60) dollars
what's right [?]


released August 12, 2016




Delivery Driver

not gonna beat around the bush here these songs SUCK

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